Posted by: SisuGirl | March 13, 2007

The Workout Curse and the definition of “family”

Ever notice how good you feel after a workout but how jittery you get if you dont? Its kinda what I would expect a junkie would feel without their fix. I had, ahem, chosen, to take some time off from working out…Ok, more like I was too lazy to do anything…and just got back into my running/weights cycle yesterday. Felt awesome and, though I didnt go as long as I did a month ago, still did a mile and a half. Yay me! And then today, I walked into town (about .5 mile) and back. That was it. I am so jittery right now, you have no idea. I am kinda scared to try to knit anything because I am scared of how it might come out 🙂 I have volunteered to drive the van for the school swim class to the pool every day and the really good thing about that is the GYM that is at the same place. Now, I can go in and get in a workout while they are having their class. Maybe I can even get in a pool session which is something I never thought I could live without. Class is 80 mins long, including drive times so I think that I will have about 45 mins which is totally OK with me, it just means that I have to be focused. And I know they will pick on me if I am just sitting in the van. I can get in a quick shower and though I still have to work for the rest of the night, this will be the perfect energiser for me. Workouts pump me up…which is another reason why I cant go run now to relax…it just wont work.

I am so scared that I am going to run out of yarn for the 2nd of J’s socks. I am in a push to finish it before he comes in this first time from longlining for black cod. It would be a great surprise present, even though I swore that I wouldnt give him another pair until he found the first…WHICH HE LOST!!! There are a limited number of places where they could be so I am not too worried. Either way, I dont know that I will have enough yarn and that would totally sucks because these are cuff down and there is no well in hades that I will rip them back. He was laughing at someone elses blog when they blogged about having to do that. His solution? Just knit the toes in another yarn. No one sees your toes anyway. It will serve him right for laughing if he ends up with blue toes on this pair! It will be good to get this pair done. Even though I know I cant “win” the LnV marathon (which they extended to July), I still want to get through as much as I can. I was feeling *smile* whelmed by my stash the other day and still want to reduce it by a few…though I think this feeling was brought about by the 9 skeins of red Mariah yarn pyramid-ed up next to the nice, neat plastic box of sock yarn.

I just put on J’s 1st and 2nd socks…um. yeah. those toes will be different…oops.

ETA: I thought I actually posted that post but I guess not! Therefore, this is gonna be a long one 🙂 After examining the finished sock and the yarn left over, I have deduced that I will be short by the final reduction rows (2) and the bind off. So close yet so far. P laughed at me and then suggested that I make J’s socks have a hot pink toe. I would too, if I thought for an instand that he would even comment on it! J is just not that type of guy. Seriously, he chose THIS yarn for himself for socks. It is very pink and I dont think that I would wear it. He LOVES it. Loves it. I still look at the yarn and wonder what he was thinking. The gist of it is that he doesnt care. As long as its comfy and warm, he is all for it, whatever IT is 🙂 I love that nothing phases him and that he is so happy-go-lucky about most things. He does worry about fishing and making money for our family, but what guy doesnt?

On that line, what is your definition of “family”? Even though we have yet to get honestly legally married (darn IRS and backtaxes!), most people refer to J as ‘hubby’ and everyone knows that we are together. We live together, share all expenses and plan together for the future. We talk about how we are to save for the next 2 years before we start trying for children and the travelling that we want to do before said kids. We only make decisions together, especially when they will impact us in a big way. He asks my permission to leave me to go fishing for heavens sake! In my mind, we are a family unit. To him, though all the above is true, we arn’t a real family until we have kids. He doesnt like my arguments about childless couples and maintains that pets dont count as kids, furbaby isnt a word and family means children. *sigh* At least I can say it here. Its not that I want to change his mind, I just want to know what the general consensus is. What with the changing of family units due to divorce and an aging population, I really dont know. In my mind, we are a family simply because family means love, caring and unconditional support for the person, if not always their choices. Granted with this definition my “family” is pretty darn huge but I am OK with that 🙂



  1. I think he’s probably right, by the dictionary definition of “family” – it’s parents and kids, or extended “family” – aunts, uncles, etc. 2 people without kids are just a “couple”. I think when I hear people say ‘my family’ – I automatically assume children, parents, siblings, etc. – more than just them and a spouse. When people talk of just them and their significant other – they usually don’t use the word “family”, they say “we”, or “hubby & I”, etc.

    That said, there’s a big difference between the semantics of the word, and the feeling, or relationship you’re trying to describe. In that sense, “family” is the people you love, who love you. People who care for, and are responsible to and for one another.

    So, I’d say you’re both right!

  2. For me, family is what you want it to be. I would consider you and J to be a family with or without children. You’re a couple and a family. The words aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Just like I think you can consider people to be your family even if they aren’t blood-or-marriage relatives. The friend you’ve had since kindergarten? If you consider them family, they are!

    Does Alaska have common law marriage? If they do, well, you might already be considered married by the state.

  3. I think family is what you make it. Whether that involves children is up to you, and definitely a decision that you both should feel comfortable with. Tad and I have no children of our own (by choice), but our extended “family” includes several happy family units with children that we adore and are fortunate enough to get to spend time with. There are people that are our family by choice and those that are family by blood, we love them all, but our 2-person, 2 dogs, 1 cat family is our primary family unit, and the one by which we set our compass & priorities. You and J certainly behave like a family, at least by my definition – sounds like you are very lucky to have found each other 🙂

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