Posted by: SisuGirl | March 1, 2007


ITS HERE!!!! How the heck am I going to wait until tomorrow?!?!?Mariah Stage 1 The very, very full box is 10 Skeins of Bare Worsted Superwash, 5 bottles of Jaquard Dye in Fire Red (which really is probably overkill cause the jar says 1 jar will do 2 pounds of fibre…and 900 grams is almost 2 lbs), KP’s options tips in size 7 and 32″ cables. I have size 6’s that I had bought for the PNW shawl so hopefully, if my gauge is off I will have to go down to 6’s not up to 8’s! I am going to dye tomorrow but I am getting the huge pot out and will start soaking tonight….OHHHH, I can’t wait! I’m going to take pictures all along the way.

Can you tell that I am excited?



  1. Well, I am sooo curious! Did you dye your yarn? How did it come out? Are you going to post some pictures? I am literally “dyeing” to see! lol

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