Posted by: SisuGirl | March 1, 2007

Back in the Saddle again

After a fantastic conference in Calgary, Alberta (NWACUHO) I am glad to be back in Sitka. Calgary was COLD! I had such a great time at the conference and learned so much more. I love coming back from events/training/conferences feeling like it was incrediblu benificial and that, not only am I raring to go but that I have fantabulous ideas for the coming year and rest of the semester. Granted, I came back to so not so good news about the status of my employment for next year (my grant runs out and the end of this one and the state legislature is unsure that I and my 3 co-workers are really worth hiring and making state employees). P made a good comment last night about the legislature looking at the “dollers and cents of the situation” to which I commented that it was “all about the dollers and no sense”. Quite a good reply if I do say so myself. Blame my mum for the pun-ny nature…its all from her 🙂 Anyway, I got to talk to some really good friends that I see only once a year and made some excellent contacts for the future. I did learn about an excellent job oppertunity that I am stoked about applying for and since I know the guy, school, situation and type of students that I would be working with/for, I think that I would have an excellent chance of getting the post, even my supervisor agrees!! I am all about the editing of my resume in the next few days. In short, the conference was wonderful, I met new friends, chatted with old and renewed my love of Student Affairs and am feeling the pull back to Uni. So many less legal issues than dealing with/in high schoolers.

I am back to my knitting too. I had a bit of a scare in the Calgary airport where the screener dude asked ME if my knitting needles were OK to take on the plane. Makes me scared about what else could slip though. I thought that I would be knitting through the conference but during the sessions I was so busy taking notes, I didnt have time! I was glad not to though because that meant I was getting more out of it 🙂 I took my mums CTH ankle socks, turned the heel and began the gusset on those and I took J’s Euro waffle socks and managed to fudge those up by switching mid row to K2 P2 and then switching back sometime else. Now, I love my J but I know that he is less than aware of his foot wear and that, because of the patterning and striping, it is totally not noticable. So I am leaving it as is. But it will have a Kitchenered toe so I figure that makes things even. I left the PNW Shawl here in Sitka due to its fiddley nature so it is still in its left stage. I will post pics when I move to another panel of lace.

I am TOTALLY excited that my Mariah yarn should be here today. My weekend is Friday and Saturday so I will be dyeing and I am dying to start. I chose Fire Red Jaquard dye from KP’s and ordered 10 skeins of Bare Superwash and 5 pots of dye. Now, I know that this may be excessive, but I did so for two major reasons. A) I havent any experiance with Jaquard dyes and I most certainly didnt want a washed out red colour. I would have it a very dark red rather than a washy red any day and B) Superwash, I have heard, sucks up the dye and no one could tell me if there was a saturation point (where no more colour would be absorbed) for any yarn. This totally relates to A. I dont think that I will need all 10 to make Mariah but I want to make it a bit longer in the body than it is listed and extra yarn is never a really bad thing. 22″ justhits the top band of my jeans when they are sitting where I love to wear them and I really hate it when sweaters ride up when you sit down. I am going to make it a bit longer and see what happens. Also, I am futzing with the pattern so I can make the body in one piece to avoid seaming as much as possible. In reading the pattern, I am thinking that this will be an easy task but I am still sending it to my Mum to double check for me. Good thing I have her!

On semi-non-knitting note, I am so happy that I got to make a trip to Lush in Calgary. The stores are always really small and it is truely a heady experiance to be in one. I had been wavering between trying some new things and being in there and getting to smell them made it all worth-while. The only new thing that I bought was Silky Underwear dusting powder and it is fantastic. I wore some the night I bought it and got compliments right away on how good I smelled…from guys!

Here is a shot of my new Lush stash:Lush 2007 It is, left to right, 3 Sweet Japanese Girls ( fantastic!), A sample of Prince (for J), Buffy the Backside Slayer (on top of SU and one I cant live w/o), Silky Underwear (which smells divine, not too sweet or powerfully perfumy), a sample of Ocean Salt (which I thought was blue but I think the sample ad lost its colour), Tricomania (a solid shampoo that is coconutty and slightly vanilla and sandalwoody and awesome for my hair since I dont need conditioner. I had them cut the large block into two), Soft (in the tin. Its another solid shampoo) and Seanick (another SS).

Can you tell I like solid shampoos? They last so long for me, almost 3 months for my last bar of Seanick and bar of Tricho, EACH. The trick is making darn sure that they are out of the water after use and lathering them between your hands instead of rubbing them on your head. Admittedly, Lush is expensive but this stash should last me a year on the shampoos, 2 on the SJG and at least 2 on the Buffy (cause I have half a one left from Christmas 05!). I believe in using stuff that you love and that works for you and this stuff really does for me. SJG revolutionised my face care and made my normally very oily skin relax and not give out so much because it itself is oil (cocoa butter). I was shocked to have it “clean” my face and not completely break me out like lotion does. As for the shampoos, solid makes so much sense to me. They are a heck of a lot easier to travel with and take up so much less space in my shower, backpack and on the boat. They can be used like regular soap and are fantastic for washing small clothes like socks and undies in the sink of hotels/hostels/boat. Talk about my most loved item. I dont think that I could travel well without them, especially since they, unlike liquids, can be easily packed in carry-ons.
They are good for handmade socks too (see how this relates to knitting?) 🙂


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