Posted by: SisuGirl | February 24, 2007

YMMV monitors

I love my Mac. I hate having to look at yarn on 3 different computers. I know that there is always a difference in monitors and YMMV with every colour viewing and that no yarn will look the same in my room/apartment as they do in the picture on the site. This said, I am SO happy with The Loopy Ewe. Sheri is my dealer and I want to send her boxes of hugs and happy thoughts and cookies and handmade socks. Unfortunately, I am NOT parting with any of the lovely yarns that she sends me, mail is slow from AK and the cookies would probably be stale or broken and thoughts and hugs are pretty hard to package. So I will praise her here and to everyone that I know, knitter or not. J sings her praise too, especially for her fast shipping and the joy that she brings to me in little boxes. This is what I got Friday:J-knits in Alaska AND: Schaffer Lola in Autumn at Sea AND: Stitch Holders (just the needle holders)

Very, Very pretty things. I really couldnt resist the J-Knits in Alaska. It is a fingering-weight yarn and though I swore off f-w because I like the speed of sport-weight and the fact it fills my boots easier, I LOVE this yarn. The colours are so saturated and the yarn is so squishy. The colour changes between the blues and purples are just, wow. The Lola is because I love Anne 🙂 and I couldnt resist a yarn titled (by Sheri) Autumn at Sea. It is so bright. Like near neon. I LOVE it simply because of that. J saw it and all frustration about me being late to come out to the car (because I was fondling the yarn) disappeared. He thought it was pretty cool too and I think he will try to worm his way into getting this knit into his size. I am so happy with this purchase and have no regrets at all. I bought the stitch holders as a whim really and to make the total go over the shipping rate. It worked and they do too. I have them over some KP’s 1’s and the yarn is CTH in Shade Garden. In the process is a pair of ankle socks for my Mum. Hopefully I can have this pair done before next Christmas. I want to give her socks every few months but we shall see how this goes.

Especially since I just bought the yarn for my Mariah sweater. So much for waiting!!!



  1. OMG – I just looked up Mariah on the knitty website – Now I want to knit that next instead of Orangina from Glampyre… That was what I was planning on, but man… Those cables are to die for! I can’t wait to see yours! I am usually not a big fan of f-w either, but those colours are fabulous!

  2. The yarn is beautiful!! And the stitch holder is pretty cool. How about all this daylight, huh? Now if only it would warm up!

  3. Yay for yarn! I love my stitchkeepers, too.

  4. Sheri is a nice dealer isn’t she. I just received the JKnits Louisiana. I will have to check out he Alaska.

  5. ps – I forgot to add, please email me at fireemtgirl ATt gmail DOT com maybe we can do some trading for sock yarns or toehr stuff

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