Posted by: SisuGirl | February 21, 2007

The tides have turned

Finally, finally, finally the day has arrived. I did my taxes today and for the first time in over 5 years, I am getting money back! The fact that I wont have to pay some obscene ammout is refreshing and the joy of seeing the green number in the box instead of red like usual has just made my day. And it is barely 10 am. YAY!!! I know exactly where this money is going and if you have read past posts, you do too 🙂

Happy picture for the day is this one that I took this past summer. It is in Elfin Cove, AK which used to be a little fishing town and now is a larger charter fishing bin. It almost has been entirely charter-ized and caters to very wealthy people with very little regard to people who had made this area home commercial fishing. We swung through there on a trip to Hoonah and I saw this area and fell in love. Sorry its so big but it is totally worth it. I had to make it a link file because it was so big.Elfin Cove Cove It was a beautiful foggy day and so very still and made for a great photo.



  1. Will you be spending part of it on yarn?

  2. About $120 will go to Knitpicks, yes 🙂 and then some to Lisa Souza and some more to Scout…..

  3. Yeah!! Money for yarn! I hate having to pay taxes! Glad you don’t have to this year…

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