Posted by: SisuGirl | February 20, 2007

FO to share!

I am so excited! I learned how to kitchener stitch FINALLY! I read a fantastic tutorial and then I watched the video on and that God, the technique finally sunk in. It only took 4.5 pairs to grasp this idea. So before I learned, I did this:Compare/Contrast I know what you are thinking, ‘That looks horrible and cant possibly feel smooth.’ Yes to the first but suprisingly no to the second. You cant feel that “seam” at all and really, how often do people look closely at your toes? I am glad that I learned how to KS though and it makes me happy that I can join the ranks of skilled sock finishers. I am even more excited that this is how they turned out:Twin 1Twin 2 I made twins!!! Totally by accident of course 🙂 but I am so happy that it happened that way. I have one sock on the hanger blocker and as soon as its dry I will swap it for the other and then will wrap and box and send to my Mum. These were supposed to be her Chrismas socks but due to lack of foresight, they are now her ‘getting optimistic for spring’ socks. Pretty funny considering there is about 2.5′ of snow at her house in Michigan and this is the ONLY snow she has had all winter long. Before you ask, Yes, I am going to fix the toe on the other sock. I cant leave it that way now!!!

That is almost 430 yards down for the Lime and Violet sock marathon. When I think of a track, that is only .23 miles…just less than a lap around the track. Ohhhh boy do I have a ways to go. I am still thinking about what my goal for myself is going to be. I am going to finish J’s socks hopefully by this weekend and since he is out fishing for the next few days, I will get in some good knitting time in the evenings and mornings. And then I can buy the yarn for my sweaters 🙂 Or maybe I will wait until my next paycheck at the beginning of March so I can work on socks and the PNW shawl without feeling like I am neglecting the sweaters or juggling too many WIP’s

Speaking of the PNW Shawl, the needles I ordered from Knitpicks came in yesterday. Apparently it came in on Friday but someone decided not to put the box in my mailbox but to leave it in the mail room with all the kids stuff. Not cool. I was waiting for this mainly because I was getting sick of using the straights. I dont know if I can go back to larger straights because they just feel so heavy and awkward to use. My 7’s still feel OK but the 10’s were just too much. So the PNW shawl is going to move over to those needles and be worked from there for now on. I will post pics on it in a few days when I get through the ‘seagull’ lace portion.



  1. Your socks looks great – lucky your mum, she will love them 🙂 Kitchener stitch is one of those things I can’t wrap my brain around – I did the toe of my first socks with a 3 needle bindoff! Thanks for sharing where you found the tutorial, I’m going to need it sooner rather than later!

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