Posted by: SisuGirl | February 18, 2007

I have dyed


The pictures of my fantastic (Yay! me!) 2 skeins of Kool-Aid dyed Bare Donegal Superwash. I would have had a photo of the purple and green before it was balled but my lovely J decided that he would be a sweetheart and ball it for me while I slept in on Saturday morning. He gets major points for that thought and deed but not so much as if he would have remembered that I wanted to take a photo first! Oh well. It doesnt look as pretty in the ball and you cant really see it but there are 3-4″ of lime followed by a short burst of purple. I used 3 packets each of Grape and Lemon-Lime and dissolved them in hot bowlful of water. This was an intense colour for both of them and SO pretty. I handpainted this over the skein (I had put it into a pyrex cassarole). I drew 3 circles in the middle and then drew rays out from there to the edges in the purple and then filled in the blanks with the lime. It looked so beautiful just laying there and even better when it was drying. I wish you could have seen it.
The red was created from 7 packets of Black Cherry and I could have used more. I soaked the skein in a pot on the stove and then dissolved the BC K-A into a bowl of water and then poured the dye into the pot. I was really amazed at how fast the yarn took up the dye. I have heard that superwash did this but jeez, it was so fast. I brought the yarn almost up to a boil and turned off the stove. I let it soak for a while and then rinsed, wrang and dried. So pretty. The tweedy bits in both skeins were totally resistant to the dye and really look good in the colours that I made.

I would do this again…and I want to already. I have been wanting to make the Mariah sweater from Winter 04 issue of Knitty since I saw it. Almost 3 years later, I still want to knit it. So I was scouting around for yarn that would be sensible for a sweater for me, meaning that it had to be superwash wool that wouldnt fuzz up. I looked and looked and then remembered that KP’s has a Bare worsted superwash that would be just right guage-wise. I did some math and the Bare is about $20 cheaper than its nearest competetor. I need 9 skeins of it and was thinking about dying it using the Fire Red dye from KP’s. By my rough idea and using the KP’s Jaquard tutorial, I think that I would need to use 2 jars of dye per 3 skeins. My initial plan is to measure the water to the quart, dissolve the dye in a specific ammount of water, add the measured vinegar and dye 3 skeins at once in a pot on the stove. I really want a true red colour, not a pinky one. I know that the dye measurement may be a bit strong but I think that I would rather have a deeper colour than a lighter one. I am going to do a little scouting around and see how crazy this idea may be…the idea of dying a whole sweaters worth of yarn…kind of boggles the mind.

I also took at look at Thermal from Knitty and realised that the yarn would only be $32!

I think that I might go broke in a few weeks. I have sworn that I wont buy yarn until I finish both pairs of socks in the works. Mums socks are almost done with 9 pattern repeats done out of 13 before the toe. I think that I can be done tonight with the pattern and then do the toe tomorrow. I will attempt to kitchner, again. Keep your fingers crossed.



  1. You died those with Kool-Aid? Very cool!! I really want to try dyeing, but I’m scared!

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