Posted by: SisuGirl | February 16, 2007

Oh Yeah!

I have never liked Kool-Aid. Growing up, it was one of those “juices” that was just gross to me, I never drank it because of, to me, was that “fake” taste. If I wanted grape juice, it needed to taste like grapes darn it 🙂 Today I turned my life on its head and fell in love with Kool-aid. I still cant stand that fake grape smell and lemon-lime was not my cup of tea either but man, did I dye some GOREGOUS yarn!!!

I was going for that lime and violet look, wanting to create a skein for myself out of the lovely sock yarn that I have for the marathon. Quite fitting I believe. I had bought the yarn quite a few months ago but havent had the space to dye or even the microwave that was big enough. Today we are still housesitting for J’s dad and he has a full sized microwave, sink and space :)I mixed 3 packs with a bowl full of hot water, one for each colour and went to town handpainting a skein of KP’s Bare Donegal tweed. I had read the KP’s article on dying with Kool-aid and read the Knitty article here My J even said that is looked awesome as it was being dyed and commented on how cool it looked hanging to dry. I cant wait to take pictures for you!! It is drying on the back of the chair right now and I will take pics before and after I ball it up.



  1. I can’t wait to see the pictures! I hate to say it, but I loved orange kool-aid growing up. It was the only flavor though…

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