Posted by: SisuGirl | February 14, 2007

Love and Rain

It is an interesting life when two addictive personalities meet and fall in love. J truly is an addict to Freecell. He plays nonstop if you give him a computer with any kind of fast connection. I knit and am truly addicted to yarn. I look for good buys, plan my next SEX and mail orders and drool over etsy sites. The difference between our addictions? I can put mine down and although I am in mad, mad love with wool, I am highly functional with my addiction. I knit while at work because I can put down the socks mid-row, help a kid, answer a question, look up an email and then re-start knitting. A lot of my time at work is spent monitoring and since I can knit and purl mindlessly and without looking, this makes socks a perfect project for me. Other people read, play on the Web etc. but knitting keeps me sane and really on task. I was the person in school who always took detailed notes and that actually kept me paying attention. Sitting in meetings where I just have to listen drives me up the wall, therefore, the knitting 🙂 J’s Freecell addiction is slightly less portable owing to the need of an internet connection. He is a really smart guy and is very logical. It is the perfect game for him in that way. He works really hard in day to day life; anyone who know a commercial fisherman or a farmer will know this is an uncontested sentiment. I cant begrudge him this passion but I do hate going to bed alone because he is in a tournament.

This morning, J made a phone call that was dreaded. He called AK Fish and Game to see if his permit transfer went through. Without this permit there would be no fishing. Period. We would have to find someone to lease a permit from and that would be both risky and expensive, not to mention uncertain! He got the transfer and they mailed the card today!!! What a perfect Valentines gift for him. It totally made our day and set us up for potential financial security (depending on if we catch the darn fish!) for the next year and beyond. #1 on our list is a powertroll permit so we dont have to worry about transfers ever again.

It is a very rainy day here in Sitka and I love it. Some rainy days you just feel blah amd nothing is appealing except crawling back into bed, having someone serve you hot chocolate and cookies all day, watching old movies and knitting. Today is one of those invigorating rainy days. I think its because it started out so very well that I am loving it but really, I love the rain. I rarely feel icky about the rain and my blah days are few and far between. I dont mind hanging clothes to dry and have learned the joys of wearing these lovely boots on a daily basis. I think that by seeing those boots, no one on earth can question my sock fetish.

Sitka hosted the travelling version of the Banff Mountain Film Festival last night and it was a rousing sucess. BMFF showcases all sorts of extreme videos that have been taken by people who are doing some amazing outdoors activities. My favourite was one about this couple who biked 8,000km from Mongolia thru China, Tibet and Nepal to India’s Bay of Bengal. It was intense in the form of being a personal discovery for this couple, each in their own way. The woman had a different experiance internally than her partner did (I think he was her husband). They grew closer through this trip and it was amazing to see the scenery they went through. I like a challenge, myself but I have no passion for a trip like that one. 8,000 km on a bike? Not for me. I like the hike and enjoy the mountains that I am going through. Long camping/hiking trips really appeal to J and I and we plan on a few each summer but the idea of sitting that long on a bike is just not for either of us. Yay! to them that did it though!


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