Posted by: SisuGirl | February 12, 2007

Inside out

I learned to knit from my mother when I was about 6 years old. She wouldnt admit that now that I knit socks if you paid her. Why? Because I apparently knit them wrong. When I hold the needles in the round I knit from the furthest needle onto the empty one.
It just makes sense to me to do it that way. I can see the work clearly, I’m not tipping it away from my body, my wrists are relaxed but this makes the pattern go in the inside of the tube. All the design work…yeah, thats on the inside. To finish the sock, I have to turn it right side outdsc_0005.JPG dsc_0008.JPG
Not that I mind this but apparently, its a weird thing to do. Its just more comfy to me. I know that all knitters out there have their own “inside out” thing that they do…at least, I hope its not just me! Please let me know if you do πŸ™‚

The good thing about my inside out socks is that they count for the LNV sock yarn marathon! It makes me smile just to think of “running” a marathon with sock yarn. I cant imagine how many skeins that would be but I know that it would overflow my tupperware box that I have mine in now and that wouldnt be such a good thing. J is very supportive of my yarn habit and even suggested calling one of the fishing lines my yarn line. Every fish that is caught on that one line alone is how much I can spend on yarn if I so choose. This is great news since King Salmon is going for $9.50 a pound! A 15 lb fish represents $142 so even just catching one should put me in the wool for quite some time. Not a bad thing since I am planning at least $100 from Lisa Souza and 150-200 from Scout πŸ™‚ I haveput myself on a bit of a restriction though and cant buy any yarn from anyone until I have finished these two pairs of socks that I am on now. Kneehighs will be my next project and I really cant wait to get started!!! Of course I want to do it out of Scouts ‘Van Gogh’ so that will be a lovely $50 pair of socks…sometimes I question my own sanity and then I see this out the window:frosted-window.jpg and I know that if Mother Nature can knit those crystals together and create something priceless and so fragile, I certainly can use some common cash to create usable and hardy socks to wear under my Xtra-Tuffs.



  1. Love the colors in the sock; Oh, and I knit socks in a “wrong” way as well, and they seem to be coming out alright. So, as long as the end result is alright I just go with it!

  2. Hello! My name is Vitaly, I’m from Russia, Moscow. Sorry, it seems hard to find your name here, so I can say just hello…

    I want to say that I really love the picture you posted here, the one of the frosted window. I found it and your blog just doing search in google. It’s incredibly great, the best hoarfrost I have ever seen.

    The reason I’m writing to you is the following: I’m doing a design of the brochure which is related somehow to wintertime, and this image is exactly what I need for the cover background. I would like to ask you to share this image, to sell it in high resolution, if it’s not used commercially, or, if it’s not your own shot, to let me know the source…

    This probably a little bit strange request here, and of course you may say just no and that’s it. But if you are OK, it would be fantastic!

    My address is

    Thank you so much!

    Warm regards

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