Posted by: SisuGirl | February 10, 2007

little things

It is pretty funny to me that you never know how the little things in life can either make or break your day.

I havent been feeling well lately and was having ‘afternoon’ sickness (not morning sickness). I was really dreading my job because there were all these stressors that I had no control over. I truly hated work last week. Nothing was going right in my mind and I didnt want to be there. Come to find out, it was more a raging hormone issue more than anything! Please, someone smack me when I get that morose again. Poor J couldnt figure out what was wrong and even my best friend at work was on uneven ground. But, like I said, it was the little things that made the difference. J took lots of time to snuggle with me and didnt complain when I went to the gym alone yesterday for an hour. He listened yesterday while I talked about being happy AND sad at the same time and empathised. I couldnt ask for a better fiance. BFAW, P, listened to me for hours and we even shared a pizza Wednesday night and more talk, even though I am sure there was someplace we both needed to be instead. You really can’t buy good friends and are truly blessed when you find one.

Today is my last day of my weekend (Friday and Saturday off) and J and I are going on a walk/hike of almost 13 hours! Though it isnt completely clear outside, there are patches of blue and here in SE Alaska, you take what you can get 🙂 I turned the heel of my Daffodil socks and am partway thru the gusset. I think that I will have to buy a new, much smaller than my D50 camera if I am going to be any good at this blogging thing. I hate not putting pictures up but it seems like wherever I am, my camera or WIP is not! I swear, there will be knitting pics on the next post!!!


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