Posted by: SisuGirl | February 2, 2007

A burning desire

Why is it that with one look at my sock yarn stash that I have this intense ‘NEED’ to buy more yarn?  I have been so very good when it came to finding and choosing yarn.  I never buy something that I dont have immediate plans to knit and if I dont have a pattern or a well planned idea, I dont buy it.  I know that in looking at the stash photo I was giving myself a bit of a flutter due to all the upcoming work but there was something in me that was saying…”Thats not all that much yarn.” and “You didnt even buy all that for yourself and have been so good and havent ordered anything in such a long time.”  All of which is true…though I have to admit that J stared at me for a long moment when I told him that I have 4.6 MILES of sock yarn. 

But then I looked at Scouts Swag and Lisa Souza and I just know that there are some things that I am just not meant to live without.  So I have almost made up my mind that with my next paycheck (which will come next week) I will be making a sizable purchase of Sport weight sock yarn.  I LOVE the stuff.  My first pair of socks for myself were out of Sweet Georiga Speed Demon in her Elf colourway and not only do I drool over the colourway, the speed that these went up was astounding!  I wear Xtra Tuffs all day long in the summer and plenty of days in the winter.  Nice long knee socks are fantastic for those days but I just dont have the patience to knit them from fingering weight.  I have 2 that I want from Scout for sure and at least 3 from Lisa.  It is hard not to buy them all!  So pretty and I have never heard a bad thing about either of their yarns.

On the lace front, I am going to have to completely frog my PNS. *weeping and gnashing of teeth*  I dont know how the heck I did it but somehow I have 3 rows of 3 ‘seagulls’ where I only should have two.  I am pretty sure that it happened when I frogged the 2nd time to the lifeline but I still have the right number of stitches and my entire lines are even so I really dont know what happened.  Sadly, there is no lifeline below that mistake.  I didnt start putting them in until AFTER so that means ALL 55 rows are going to have to be frogged.  I think that I have resigned myself to believing that no matter what, I am WORTH a perfect shawl 🙂  This is for my wedding and I want it to be a near perfect, beautiful thing that I will wear.  I know there may be some mistakes further in but in the large scope of things, 55 rows really isnt that far into the work and it is a very visable mistake.   With a sigh, I will frog tonight when I am done with subbing at the school and restart tonight while watching a movie with J.  He is so patient when I am knitting and only pokes me for attention when I come to the end of the row.  Now that is a blessing.

 I am well into my Mums second sock in the Daffodil from LL.  I seem to have no problem with Second Sock Syndrome.  The first sock of any pair seems to take me for flippin’ ever but then the second flies by.  I think that its all because of knowing the pattern that I want to use.  The first is hard to get thru without knowing, the second is easy and goes up in a flash.  I think that it took me at least a month to get to the same place on the first sock that has taken me less than a week.


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