Posted by: SisuGirl | February 1, 2007

Lime and Violet Sock Yarn Marathon

I love Lime and Violet podcast. I was lost for a month or so there when I couldnt download the new episodes (another curse of the school campus internet connection) but now I am back full swing. Any excuse to sit at the library on my day off is a good one. I can even knit while there 🙂

One of the things that I am just now getting up o date with on this podcast is their 2007 Sock Yarn Marathon. The basic idea is to measure all your sock yarn, convert it into miles and knit your little heart out. They have a flicker group (which, again, I cant access) and on their message board they have a chat about it. Very Cool! They will give a prize for most dedicated knitter and one for the first person to 5 miles and I thinkthey will have one for the furthest knitted. You can knit socks, mits, sweaters…ANYTHING GOES! And there is no ‘No buying’ rule so theoretically, you could buy the entire marathon worth of yarn (Incidentally, this would be 45,760 yards of yarn or averaging 100 skeins of 460yds!!!) The idea is to knit from your stash but there is no buying rule, you can always get more. The end of the marathon is the 31st of March and they will give awards soon after that. I highly suggest tuning in and listening!

Since I cant officially join and participate on a daily basis, I will play my way…HERE 🙂 Here is my current stash:2007 Marathon Stash
I have 8,154.3 yards of yarn and that is 4.63 miles of yarn. I will whole heartedly admit that there are 3 skeins NOT in this picture because they are in progress and at the house I am currently sitting 🙂 I think that its pretty funny that I have 3 skeins of most of the stash. 3 Bearfoot, 3 Sweet Georgia, 3 Cherry Tree Hill, 3 Anne, 3 untouched Euro yarns…I have 1 Euro being knitted from (J’s socks), 1 Lornas Laces (Mums Daffodil Socks), 2 Sirdar from my lovely Secret Pal from the Knitty Board and 2 undyed from KnitPicks. With the exception of my Bearfoot, the Sirdar and the Knit Picks, ALL my yarns have come from the fantabulous Loopy Ewe owner, Sheri. I LOVE her service and stock and just everything about about the store. You must check out her blog if you havent seen it yet. By my count, I have 17 pairs of socks to make. 2 skeins of the Anne are becoming the shawl (which I am counting since I started after they started the marathon.

Join the marathon! I suggest you do it the real way but I will be posting here about my progress. 17 pairs of socks. By April.



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