Posted by: SisuGirl | January 29, 2007

Internet spoiled

I admit it. I love the internet. The ability for a single person to waste millions of hours ‘just looking around’ is amazing. My J is a prime example of this phenom. He can settle my laptop firmly onto his lap and be still for hours on end. But can he sit still without it? Rarely. I love him but its true. I came into this affair in college when I joined the test year of the laptop lease program that the Uni was offering. Those people who didnt first term were clammoring at the office to get in on the second so you can guess how popular it is. With an ethernet connection at a veryhigh speed, I was in heaven. When I moved home to do my student teaching I felt lost without that connection but rebounded into other fun tasks. Granted, my walks in town generally ended at the library for the free internet but still! When I took a job in Seattle I was able to revel once again in the free wireless and un limited access to the entire web. I could surf blogs, download anything, view any site; all the freedom one could ask for was here.

And then I moved onto a High School campus.

All my knitting blogs are blocked if they are on certain hosting sites. I would ask for this to be changed but I am afraid they would then block this one. I cant access knitting patterns if they have certain words in them like “fishnet”, “skimpy” or, heaven forbid, “Lolita”. Posted a picture of you FO? I would commend you on it but I cant see it, the site is blocked. As for getting my iTunes, only the sermons from my former church are downloadable as a general rule. If the podcast has EVER had the explicit tag, forget it.

Why am I posting about this? Because in the knitting world, blogs rule. I want to be able to tell you how much I like the colours that you chose, the pattern you used and generally rave about it but I cant see it! I want to be able to follow the links for a great sock pattern but because it is on someones blogspot, I cant get to it. I had a request from my friend for Lolita legs for her anniversery but I couldnt access the pattern due to the G-P-rn rule. So she emails it to me but, again, I cant open it because it was deemed innapropriate.

So I come to the library and risk upsetting the lovely librarians who work here because I am downloading so much material. I am viewing patterns that I normally cant see. I’m getting to see blogs normally denied to me and downloading Lime and Violet episodes that I have sorely missed. This freedom is a heady experience and I love it.

Knitting wise, I am still troubled by the dratted stitch marker. I love it and it is very beautiful but if I cant figure out how to use the blasted thing without having to frog my shawl all the time, well, I just wont use it then! I am on row 47 and loving how the colourway looks in the pattern. I am glad I chose to give it a go instead of just using a solid yarn.

J’s first sock of this pair is still in the toe stages simply because I was too lazy yesterday to finish it. I want to have it done tonight though because he is coming home!! Its been almost 3 weeks and though I like being on my own, I always miss him when he’s gone. It will be nice to snuggle tonight 🙂


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