Posted by: SisuGirl | January 28, 2007

Lace while stressed

equals frogging. Friday was my 1 year anniversery with J. We had talked about the real date, the fact that he would miss it and the importance to me that we noted the day. J laughed a bit when I mentioned it for the first time but really did understand that it was important to me. Its been a whole year! Isnt that important? I decided that I didnt want to be a nag about it so I didnt say anything about it when I called him Firday morning. I dropped hints when we talked at 4 and even more specific hints at 945. Nothing. I cried a little when we hung up after that but held hope that he would still remember later on. No such luck. I called him at 12:30 and left a message to the effect of, ‘I cant believe you forgot but I didnt and I am glad we have had this past year together and I cant wait to see what happens next’. I wasnt happy when I called and I was pretty teary, I’m sure that he could hear that in the message. He rang in the morning and apologised and I know that he didnt mean to forget.

While I was waiting for those phone calls, I was knitting on the PNS for my wedding…not a good idea. I was only on row 27 and I made a mistake that I just couldnt fix because I was so frustrated with J. Nothing I did could help me to fix it so I said ‘F*!% it’ (I never say that word) to the empty room, pulled it off the needles and frogged. After he phoned on Saturday morning I recast on. My crochet pick ups are still horrid and I havent gotten it right but now I am on row 45 and it looks fantastic.

I bought a “real” stitch marker at my LYS the other day in honour of working on my wedding shawl. It was made by the owners son and has beautiful beads that match the colour family of my yarn. Sadly, I cant figure out how to use the damn thing! I know that it isnt that hard but every time I do, I do SOMETHING wrong and it throws off my row. There is a yo, k1 yo in the center and the next row is all k. If I just use a piece of scrap yarn all is fine and perfectly on. If I use the beautiful marker it throws it off somehow and makes it go over to one side instead of staying on track. I am going to use my scrap yarn until I can practice more and figure out what the heck I am doing wrong!


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