Posted by: SisuGirl | January 25, 2007


Last night I finally got brave and started my Pacific Northwest Shawl in Schaefer Anne that I bought from The Loopy Ewe (How many links can I have in one sentence?). When I was surfing Sheri’s site, I came across the Anne in a colourway that she called “World of the Sea” and I had to have it. I was just starting to knit socks and this yarn was so beautiful that I couldnt resist it. I was dreaming of matching socks for my J and I, you know, with the Sea reference and all that…and then I realised that to get the fabric that I like in my socks, I would have to be using 00 at the very least. That killed that dream.

So now I had two skeins of Anne but no idea of what to do until I read about someone on the knittyboard who also had two skeins of Anne and didnt know what to do with hers either. Someone suggested making a shawl and linked to another blog of a fantastic knitter named Wendy Johnson I saw her finished work of the PNS and fell in love. You cant get much more Pacific Northwest than Sitka, AK and the idea of making it with a yarn named World of the Sea was almost too much to withstand.

I recieved the pattern via mail a few months ago and the needles a few weeks after that (KP’s Options size 6). So now I had everything…except the guts to try it. The cast on was a bit daunting because I hadnt ever tried a crochet CO before so I wanted to wait and try with with my mum at Christmas time. I packed everything home for vacation and then packed it all back again without ever touching it! A few days ago I started thinking about it and really wanted to get started on it. This is to be my wedding shawl so I can have one nice thing in my very casual view of our wedding. The sooner I get started, the sooner I can finish and be married 🙂

Last night, I got bold. I pretended that I knew what I was doing with a Crochet CO, made a finger chain of sts and got started. Although I KNOW I didnt do it the right way, it worked perfectly. I got thru about 5 rows and realised that somewhere, somehow, I had added an extra stitch. I looked and looked and couldnt find the spot and since it was so early on, I just frogged it then and there. I re-cast on and have gone all the way to row 28! I can already see the pattern emerging and LOVE it so far. I was a bit worried about the varigated colourway conflicting with the pattern but no more. It looks so very good.Works in Progress - PN Shawl Sorry that the photo is sideways but I couldnt save it anyway that would make it straight!

I really think that lace is kinda like socks. There is a stigma around lace like there is one around heel turns. If you go into the process without thinking about it being hard and just following the instructions blindly, you will do just brilliantly. And speaking of socks, I am starting the toe decreases on J’s sock (first one of the Waffle pair in Euro yarns) and on the beginning of the leg on my Mums Bluebell socks (in Daffodil by Lornas Laces). I just love socks and will post pics in just a bit.WIP Waffle socksWIP “bluebell” socks


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