Posted by: SisuGirl | January 23, 2007

Joys of housesitting

*I swear this will all relate to knitting, it just takes a moment or three*

My dorm room is small. We are talking 9×9 IF that. So needless to say, it is a bit cramped for 2 full grown adults. Now, I am not a student. I have served my time in dorm rooms and actually have lived in them for almost 8 years. I like having my room and board taken care of and I really dont think that I could afford to live here on my salary if it wasnt offered. However…I am not a kid. I like being able to move from room to room, sit in a living room that is seperate from my bedroom that is seperate from my kitchen. Being able to turn around in my shower without hitting the faucet would be a nice thing (but I cant complaign too loudly about that…I went 4 months without a shower in my room). How do I get to enjoy having pets and a house all to myself? Housesitting. The number of people here who leave town to go on vacation is amazing but they have pets and it would be incredibly expensive to kennel them. I am a cheap alternative and I still make your house look lived in while you are away. I really love the experience too. I get pets and can play with them to my hearts content. Kinda like grandkids, I guess. Love them and then give them back 🙂 It is really cool to see how “real people” live…real adults with real houses and furniture that they chose and rooms that they can walk between.

I am currently housesitting for a lovely woman who is on vacation and couldnt take her dog or 2 cats or 2 kittens. The house is awesome and really gives me good ideas for the future. I WILL have a red bathroom in the future. I have really enjoyed playing with the pets with perhaps the pouncing on my toes and purring in my ear while I am trying to sleep. The cats love my knitting too. So while I was knitting on the fabulous felting mittens, I realised that I would need another two skeins to make another pair. I called my local (only) yarn shop, found out they would be open and walked over to resupply. As I walked in, I overheard the owner and a customer talking about the customer needing a housesitter and not knowing who to call. I had to smile and then politely interrupted and told the lady asking, Ann, that I would be more than willing to housesit for her! She has a house on an island and 3 golden retreviers and hadnt had any luck finding someone who was willing to take on not only the dogs but feel confident enough to use the skiff on a daily basis. Now she does! I will be housesitting for her for almost a month. Oddly enough, after we finished our conversation and she left, ANOTHER lady in the store said that SHE was looking for a housesitter too! We exchanged numbers and I will work for her for about 3 weeks before I do the island job. I am so exited for all this. Sometimes, knitting really does make the world a better place 🙂 Especially if you have pets and a home and want to go on Holiday.

On the workout front, I really pushed myself today when I was running. I bumped the speed up to faster than before, really focused and ran hard and man oh man, does it feel good. My light lifting routine also got a boost to a higher level too because I realised that I wasnt putting my all into it. I do want to lose weight and tone myself but I was only half-a$$ing it for the past few days. J asked me if I was really working hard during my workouts because it is one of those things that irks him at the gym…and I realised that it does me too. I saw a guy at the gym yesterday who raced thru a routine that was absolutely useless to him. Nothing he did was all the way. His crunches didnt bring his shoulders off the mat, push-ups barely bent his elbows and while I was watching him it took all I had not to say anything to him. Granted, I dont know what I would say but the thought was there!

One of the benefits of my working out is that my appetite has reduced and that is a fantastic thing. I normally can put away a whole bag of popcorn with no problem. The past few days, I have had to leave over half of it for later…not a problem!! I am eating less at dinner and am not really hungry during the day. I do have cravings for Cheetos but that is only because there is a can right in front of where my computer sits. Moving that can will make all the difference.


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