Posted by: SisuGirl | January 21, 2007

Felting/Fulling Fun

Most of the gloves that we wear on the boat are waterproof. They get hot and sweaty and really smell foul after a few wears, especially when you are working. They are a lovely hunters orange colour too so they can match your waterproofs 🙂 The good thing about them is that they are washable and, if you get the lined ones, they are warm too.

In my quest to knit something useful and warm for my sweetie (and myself) for boat use, I have made mittens! I used the Felted Mittens pattern from Fiber Trends and knit them with Cascade 220 . I really like them…except for one thing…the first pair was WAY too small for him. I wanted them to be for J for Christmas but then they became an anniversery gift (Jan 26th) because I didnt finish them in time. I knit the first pair on 10’s because I didnt have the 11’s the pattern called for and, like the lazy knitter I am, didnt swatch. I never do and it has never bitten me in the behind before now. Anyway, this first pair got tossed in the washer and is probably 3/4 felted (fulled) but can go no further because I would never get it on my hands otherwise! Am I OK with this? Sorta yes, cause that means they become mine not his. So Friday I went back to the yarn store and bought more yarn (gosh darn it all) and a pair of 13’s. I knew from talking to the owner who has a pair and wears them daily) that I would need to make them larger so I figured with the 13’s I would be safe. I ran them thru the washer last night and pulled them out this morning and the second pair is almost perfect! They will be big enough for his hands and I can even felt them a bit more so I can cut them to make a finger flap, my intended design.

They are a beautiful orange blend of the almost neon colour of the waterproof rubber ones and a darker orange that I thought would balance things out. They look almost tiger-ish to me and I like it. I will post a photo when I have managed to learn how to make one small enough not to throw the screen out of whack 🙂


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