Posted by: SisuGirl | January 18, 2007

The Workout High

I love the gym. I fall off the excercise bandwagon more often than I am on it but when I hop back on, I LOVE IT. I am more on it than not since I discovered Cardio Kickboxing at the YMCA in Bellevue, WA in 2004. I dropped from an 18 to a 16 (although I always said I was a 16) in a year and felt so very good about myself. I left WA in August 05 and almost was a 14. It took almost another year for me to drop to a 12 because I stopped almost all working out exceptions being an occasional trip to the school gym, TurboJam with a friend and walking. Because I have no car, I walked all over town and it is almost 2 miles to the harbor from my dorm. My sister got married in March 05 and I wanted to look my best. Not only did I but the measurements were off enough that my dress didnt fit quite right and I was constantly playing with the straps because they were falling off me! In the summer, the villiage we live in is half a mile from one end to the other and I would walk that many times a day. I was so excited in August when I stepped into, pulled up and zipped up a pair of 12’s. I called J right then and almost was crying because it felt so good and I was so proud of myself.

Though I had a bi weekly Tae Bo class that I lead students thru, I havent done any real pushing myself until I was ready to drop workouts until a week ago when I realised that my lovely 12’s were a bit snug. I swear, nothing has ever motivated me this fast in my life. I started going to the Sheldon Jackson Gym 6 days a week and doing cardio every day and weights every other day. I went thru all mu old “Fitness” and “Self” magazines and tore out all the weights workouts and saved them and plan to use a different one every week. I know this isnt ideal but I really cant stick to the same old every week…I need to mix it up! The one thing that I can stick with is running. I LOVE the treadmill and am very happy with myself for being able to log 2 miles in 25 mins and eventually I know that I can get my speed up to 10 min miles and go for hours. I am not pushing too hard too fast though and every few days I slow down my speed and go for longer. I really feel so much better about myself and I love the way that I feel just for these few days.

On the knitting front, I have just finished one of the socks for my mum that I was planning on having done for her for Christmas. Now they will be her Easter socks; which is actually more fitting because they are all made from yarns with floral names. This pair is from Lornas Laces Shephard Sock in Daffodil. I am knitting them on Susan Bates size 1 DPNs and using the pattern of bluebells from Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks. The other yarns I have for her are Cherry Tree Hill in Old Rose and I plan on using the free lacy trellis pattern found on the CTH website. I cant think of a better pattern for a rose yarn than a lacy trellis pattern! I also have for her Country Garden, again from CTH but that has yet to be given a pattern. I may make that skein into multiple pairs of ankle socks so I can try different patterns 🙂

I have to order another pair of the KnitPicks Circulars because, despite my hiding my needles safely in my sock knitting bag, one of the dear, sweet cats that I am pet sitting, pulled them out and chewed on one of the size 1’s cables! Now, this wouldnt be such an issue except that I am almost done with the socks for J on them and the chewed bit makes for a HORRIBLE snaggy area AND no matter what I order, KP charges shipping to Alaska. Sucks-ville. I do enjoy knitting with DPNs and I do have them in 1’s but my joins are icky and I just prefer knitting with the circs. Sigh. But at least this way I can justify the money spent and get more of the needles 😀


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