Posted by: SisuGirl | January 17, 2007

Entry into the blogging world

This, my entry into the blogging world, has been a long time coming. I sent mass emails to friends when I was in Northern Ireland because I was so resistant to the idea of starting a blog. After reading so many blogs of other people, I think that I should start with some background about me and what this blog will be 🙂 It is said that the first step is admitting that you have a problem so here goes:

My name is Tasha and I knit.

I have been knitting since I was about 5 and my mum was sick of me pulling the needles out of her own work so she set me up with my own. I come from a long line of knitters. All the women in my mums family has knitted for the family as long as anyone can remember and I am proud to continue the tradition. All have been true family knitters, not just hats and scarves for a few years but massive numbers of sweaters, socks and baby outfits in addition to the hats and scarves, mittens and gloves to last many winters made every year. I think that in ALL my childhood pictures I am wearing something that either my mum or nana knitted for me. Most of the time, my sister is wearing the exact same thing but in a smaller size. This was not limited to winter wear either.

I got serious about knitting when I was in college and had a burst of creativeness. Actually, I think it was because I was bored when all the other people I lived with went out to party and I didnt go. Not so much stick-in-the-muddy as much as have-more-sensey. I had early classes all thru college and to mad amounts of credits a term so I had no time to mess about. I did my first year but that is for another post. I started truly into my joy of knitting with a blanket on size 35’s. It is a waterfall blanket made from Lions Brand Homespun in Regency. Since my Uni was in Northern Michigan, this made lots of sense to cover my bed with. It now is at my mums house because I havent had the luggage space the move it with me over the years. Trust me, as soon as I have an actual house and am not living in a dorm room, I WILL have it. The yarn is super soft and the colourway is beautiful but the yarn itself is quite splitty. Not so much an annoyance then as it would be now but I have gotten picky with age.

I continued knitting with a passion since then (9 years now) and have made everything from a sweater (gauge is perfect, size and yarn weight is ALL wrong for my body) to bags, gloves, mittens, scarves, vests, hats and now my passion is socks. I think that I have enough sock yarn to warm up my freezing toes until kingdom come…and that is alright by me. I also knit hats to sell. My Fiance, J, wore a hat that I made him (actually, I made it for me, he liked it, I gave it to him, he asked for a different colour, I made him a new one and thats the one he wears and I wear the original one) ALL THE TIME. Some of the guys down in the harbour saw it and asked him where they could buy one. From this point onward, I have had requests for knitted hats. I cable a band for the brim, PU and knit the rest and they sell like wildfire. Granted I only sell them for a fraction of what it would cost to buy a Helly Hansen one in the store here but hey, I knit for MY pleasure not for the cash, though the cash is nice, I admit. I get to play with nice yarn and someone gets an original hat…sounds like a fair trade to me!

I swear not all entries will be this long and hopefully they will look better as I learn how to use this system. I am going to try to enter something every other day as I go thru this wonderful life that I lead but, like everyone else on here, life does intercede on some of the best of intentions 🙂Sitka from Verstovia Sometimes you just have to climb a mountain.


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